Using data to deliver business efficiencies.

Telematic Plans

At Northgate, we understand how important your vans are to your business which is why we’ve designed a range of Telematics solutions to give you the control you need and peace of mind that your vehicles are productive, operationally efficient and safe.


Proven benefits for you and your drivers

Vehicle tracking made easy

Track all your vehicles in real time, making route planning and job allocation quicker and simpler.

Effective cost management

Use data and insight such as vehicle idling and fuel consumption to reduce the cost to run your vehicles.

Reducing business risk

Analyse data including speed and harsh events* to track how the vehicles are being driven and act on it to reduce incidents and keep compliant.

Simple to set up

With no contract needed and no set up fees, it’s quick and easy to apply Telematics to your fleet.

A picture paints a thousand words

Northgate Telematics also offer dash cam cameras. By combining Telematics with our camera bolt-on you can obtain footage of collisions, near misses or harsh driving which can help protect your business against false insurance claims, driving allegations and can be used as evidence to dispute liability

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