Our Range of Medium Vans

It's no wonder thousands of businesses across Ireland count on a medium van to get the job done. These vehicles deliver impressive load capacity every time, and many come with a load-through bulkhead allowing you to make maximum use of the space.

At Northgate, we offer reliability and build quality in a medium-sized van package. We've years of experience in supplying businesses with the medium vans they require, through a range of hire options that are designed around their individual needs.  

Types of medium vans we offer

Short Wheelbase (or SWB) Panel Vans

SWB vans are full height vehicles that feature a full width bulkhead that separates the loadspace from the cabin, and most offer three seats in the front. Each model comes with a combination of rear, side or multiple loading doors, while promising accommodating interior volumes that cater to a versatile range of uses. All of this makes these vehicles ideal for transporting larger tools or business stock with ease. 

  • Newly updated models offer a modern and attractive style with increased fuel efficiency
  • Safety systems included such as electronic stability control and traction control
  • Easy to drive and safe for use in all weather and site conditions

 For more information on medium vans, visit or call your local branch to speak with one of our van experts.


Other types of vans we offer

At Northgate, each of our branches stock a great range of models, so don't worry if you think none of our medium vans look suitable for your business demands. Our other available vehicles include plenty of large vans for hire if it's more load capacity you need, while our specialist vans offer plenty of features that could make your day-to-day duties easier. 

Vehicle images are for illustration purposes only. Vehicle hired may differ.

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Business van hire options

Choose the vehicle and term, with flexibility to suit. Whatever works for you - works for us.


Flexibility with a short commitment

  • Ultimate flexibility with no minimum term
  • You can change your vehicle whenever you need
  • Servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover come as standard
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For predictable business needs

  • Rental terms between 12 and 48 months
  • You specify extras that you need such as livery and racking
  • Servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover come as standard
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We buy, you rent

For replacing old vehicles with new

  • We inspect your vehicles and pay you an agreed, fair market valuation
  • You choose your replacement vehicle
  • Select your preferred hire option Flexible Hire or 12Months+ or a combination of both
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